Baltimore Bauhaus

“Empowering kids to transform Baltimore through business skills, hand skills and mental skills.”

Contact: Deane Nettles

diagram of the Baltimore Bauhaus, with the charter school, housing rehab, building & loan, and additional businesses


The Baltimore Bauhaus School of Industrial Design would teach business skills, hand skills and mental skills so students could create and produce their ideas, products and services, transforming Baltimore.

Students would walk out of school able to:

I envision this school going into business with Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, rehabbing houses in inner-city Baltimore to:

Intended Consequences

The result of project would be a Baltimore rebuilding itself from the inside-out. Students would see their hard work and knowledge transform their community. The students would realize their resilience, their capacity to handle minor problems by picking up a hammer and a nail. On a bigger scale, natural disasters could be faced by everyone pitching in to help, instead of waiting to be helped. This school would create an ecology of empowerment in Baltimore, supporting Baltimore Council President Jack Young's commitment that "Baltimore will rise again."

Possible team members: