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Contact: Deane Nettles

Illustration of a neighborhood bank

3) Banking

Originally, my vision was to have the school rehab homes, sell them, and use the profit as a revenue stream to support the school. If the homes could be rehabbed at a price below what a fixed-rate 15-year mortgage at $400-$500/month total cost would bring in, that might be practical. Currently I think that is not practical because the total cost of rehabbing a home is higher than I had originally estimated.

If the school were to build tiny homes and/or shipping crate houses, they could be affordable enough to be resold at a profit great enough to be an income stream, in which case a bank would be needed to finance the mortgages for the home sales.

Even if that is not the model we go with, a bank partner should be created to provide funding for businesses that arise out of this school.