Baltimore Bauhaus

Empowering kids to be unstoppable and transforming their city,
powered by creativity, passion and fun!

Contact: Deane Nettles

illustration of a person going to work at a small business that produces a variety of things including furniture

Long-term goal: What do we do when all the neighborhoods are rehabbed?

4) Diversification

Additional businesses would also be created to increase competencies and to extend the scope of the project.

A resource for the community

Night school

In addition, the school would only be teaching students during the day. What if the school offered classes in the evenings, teaching simple home repair to neighbors, and work skill training to adults?


What if the school offered dorms to homeless kids so they would have a safe place to live and study? How hard must it be for most students to pay attention to school when they don't know where they're sleeping tonight?

Home Repair

Students could do community service projects repairing homes in their neighborhood under the supervision of professionals, preventing the sorts of problems I see along North Avenue.

Keeping kids in touch

These students will be a family. They are going to want to collaborate once they graduate!

We will make sure there is some social media way for them to stay connected after graduation. A way to keep their profile online, note their increasing competencies, and what projects they’re up to. Like LinkedIn, but optimized for team-building.